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Who We Are

Why work with Blue Zone Longevity

We are the premier facility in the Chicagoland area that is run by physicians.  Working with us will give you much more than basic test results.  We will explain the results of your VO2 Max Testing, RMR Testing, or Dexa Scan in a manner that you can understand, give you valuable insight into how the results pertain to your health, fitness, and longevity goals and help you with actionable steps to live a long and healthy life.  

Our goal is to provide you with actionable data to achieve your longevity goals.

Physical fitness test (VO2 max) . Runner his oxygen consumption is measured with a face ma
Dr. Raza Aftab

Muhammad Raza Aftab MD, DABOM


Dr. Raza is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine affiliated with University of Chicago. He is founder of Chicago Direct Primary Care which is primary care and preventative medicine practice. 


His expertise lies in early detection of chronic diseases, providing individualized risk assessments and management plans that surpass conventional, population-based screening methods.

Dr. Ryan


Dr. Ryan is a Sports Performance Chiropractor in clinical practice for 15 years.  He is the founder and clinical director of Optimal Performance, an experienced team consisting of Sports Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning, and Massage Therapy practitioners. 


Dr. Ryan specializes in working with performance athletes in the endurance (5k-marathon, triathlon, ultra) realm and also with various professional athletes in NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, NWSL and more.  Dr. Ryan is a former collegiate soccer player and has competed in endurance events ranging from marathon to Ironman to Ultra distance events.    

Dr. Ryan
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